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Welcome to the SlideShowPro Support Wiki

This wiki contains usage instructions, troubleshooting, and customization tips for all SlideShowPro products and services. It is continually updated and revised with new documentation, and serves as our main support channel for everything we offer. If for some reason you can't find what you're looking for, submit a support ticket to us. Someone from our support staff will reply to your support request in a timely manner. You can find additional support from the SlideShowPro community in the forums.

New and notable
Director slideshow publishing
Installation and upgrades

Wiki management / editing

Unlike some wikis where anyone can change the content of a page, this wiki only permits editing of translated pages by SlideShowPro users. We do this to keep errors from creeping into the documentation. If however you spot a mistake, feel that something could be explained better, or have an idea for a particular topic not represented, contact us.

We need translators!

Do you know Spanish, French, or Italian? Or all of the above? We need help translating the documentation in this wiki. If you'd like to help, navigate to the regular English version of a document, then click on a language option in the "Other Languages" box at the top right. You will be prompted for a login, which is the same as your account center login. We appreciate it!

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