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Getting started with the DirectorPHP class

Note: Before beginning, please note that the DirectorPHP class requires PHP 5 with the cURL module enabled.

To begin, download the DirectorPHP class from the Accessories section of your Account Center profile. Inside you will find a simple example of how the DirectorPHP class can be used to connect and retrieve data and content from your Director installation. You may either edit this sample or start a new project from scratch.

File Structure
Above: File structure

To start a new project, copy the entire classes folder to your current working directory. Then create a new index.php file alongside the classes folder.

Sign-in to SlideShowPro Director to retrieve your API credentials. If Director is installed on your own server, click "System Info" at the top right of any page. If using Director as part of a subscription, click "Account Info" at the top right. On the next page that loads you'll see the API information you need.

Open the index.php file in a code editor and begin a PHP code block. Replace your-api-key and your-api-path with the applicable values you see in Director. For example:

  $director = new Director('your-api-key', 'your-api-path');


The first line includes the DirectorPHP class and the second creates a new instance of that class using your API information to connect to your Director install.

Now load index.php in a browser. If you see Connected!, you've successfully connected to your Director install. If not, an error will appear explaining what went wrong and how to fix it.

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