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Application crashes

If you experience an issue where Lightroom, the application itself, suddenly quits without warning, there are a few things to try.

Update Adobe Lightroom

First, make sure you are using the latest version of Adobe Lightroom. You can check by selecting Help > Check for Updates. Adobe has released a number of point updates to Lightroom 2 that improve memory usage and stability.

Wet Floor Effect

Second, if you have the "Use Wet Floor" option enabled in the "Extra Effects" panel, either uncheck this option altogether, or uncheck the "Render in Live Preview" option directly underneath to turn it off in the live preview inside Lightroom. The latter will allow your exported slideshow to still render a wet floor, it just won't be visible within Lightroom.


Third, turn off the new Pan/Zoom feature. Pan Zoom Wiki Documentation

Number of Images

Fourth, every time you change a setting in SSP/LR, Lightroom re-creates the entire preview. This means that if you have 100 images selected, every one of those is exported in all sizes. If you are having problems crashing, please select only a couple images when changing settings (and making sure Lightroom is set to only use selected images). Once you have your settings complete, select all images and export.

Using Director

Fifth, special consideration is needed when using SlideShowPro Director with Lightroom 2 and older on Windows. Make sure you use the Default setting for Data/XML File Type and images.xml for Data/XML File Path when adjusting the settings. There is a known issue in Lightroom 2 for Windows where changing settings while using a Director feed crashes Lightroom. You should always make your changes before adding the Director feed. Add the Director feed just before exporting your slideshow. (See also: Working with SSP Director)


Sixth, try disabling the watermarking feature of Lightroom and export again. Lightroom has problems with some types of watermarks. Generally, small watermark files or text work best.

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