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Note: As of June 28, 2011 we are no longer supporting SlidePress or selling the SlideShowPro Player SWF product it uses. For legacy users we are keeping this support documentation online. If you have any questions or concerns click the 'Email support staff' link in the left column.

SlidePress is a plugin for the open source website publishing application WordPress. The plugin works with the SlideShowPro Player SWF player to build custom slideshows using content loaded from SlideShowPro Director, the WordPress Media Library, Media RSS feeds, and other options. It comes with a number of pre-built player styles, and offers detailed control over every parameter in the SlideShowPro Player. Slideshows published using SlidePress that load content from SlideShowPro Director automatically provide Director's HTML5 mobile player as a fallback for viewers using a compatible mobile device, including Apple iOS and Android.

If you haven't installed SlidePress yet, see the installation instructions to get started. When finished, see the usage instructions to learn how to publish slideshows.

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